Thursday, October 29, 2009

People Works Best Under Pressure?

Some people work best under pressure.

Today I went to Miss Salina's office to ask for some "consultation" about our Digital Electronics project, which needs to be submitted next week, mind you. In the end, she ended up modifying most of our circuit design. LOL. Thanks Farah, for designing. Sorry for not much help offered, but I think I can deal with it if I can see and hold the components in my hands. To design it in the computer and imagine the LED to light up is sooooo...erm..not yet..maybe later, I'll need to work more on that. Huhu. I'll do the circuit later tonight, pinky promise! By the way, back to Miss Salina's office. I'm so moved with all the little things she has on her desk. You know, the typical photo frames facing her, small cactus in front of her flat-screen monitor, two or three mugs filled with pens and pencils, and all other little things from home. I started to imagine myself in her place, say 10 year from now? How will my office/cubicle be like? All I can see is that it will be filled with PINK stuffs, Oh God forbid me! I sure hope i would outgrown this favourite-colour-thingy. Please oh please! I love it but sometimes it's soooo embarrassing..hahaha..

Ok got lots of things to be settled by next week:

- Submission of Digital Electronics Project! (Just now dah boleh run dah program tu..tiba2 pulak tak leh run..adoi laa)

- Submission of Academic Writing Project! (On the way! On the way!)

- Submission of Structured Programming Project! (Keeping the LEDs to blink and stop blinking when the button is pushed. It's fascinating how you can control those blinking LEDs with just a click on the computer. I don't know, but I feel soooo Big Bang Theory! ;the TV series, not the actual one. Sigh. )

- Introduction to Oil and Gas Test! (Oh how fun!)

- Digital Electronics I Test! (No, wait. This is double the fun! Yay!)

Blame the management for cramming up everything in the last week before the exam week, and for removing our dear study week where we enjoyed going to IRC night and morning, just looking at people, and study of course. Ehem.
Oh yeah, and thank you for arranging our exam timetable so that Academic Writing, Differential Equations, and Circuit Theory papers will be on three days in a row, and the Digital Electronics paper will be 10 days later.
Shut up and blame yourself for doing everything so last minute. A big "PADAN MUKA!" on your face.

Oh yeah. Not to mention a FULLY SUPPORTED (yes, that includes makan, duit minyak, tiket masuk nak main-main macam orang gila sebelum exam, like, you know, to-forget-all-the-trouble-day before the exam?) trip to Bukit Merah this Sunday, thanks to the English Languange Club. Like, DON'T YOU HAVE ANY OTHER PERFECT TIMING?! Oh well, we would LOVE to join you guys, especially when it's FREE but no thank you, we've got things enough to handle. If we do go this Sunday, memang sangat tak sedaq diri lah! (ok, just got a message from the project manager saying that it's not so free after all. Oh well. Nothing to lose. Except for the FUN).

Ooohh! And I found out that if I take Nescafe, I would really stay awake until like, tomorrow morning? Before this, I've always thought that it's only in the mind, it's only mindset. Plus, Mommy never said anything about me taking caffeine. But after trying it for a few days, it really works! But after three or four times consuming it, I ended up sleeping for more than 10 hours. What a noob.

Ok I'm logging off Gtalk and YM and Facebook.
Oh yeah, and MissBimbo.
Stay away!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hey you,
goodluck over there.
Hope to see you before you die.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I used to catch you staring,
but now those eyes are nowhere to be seen.

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