Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Simple Things

I realized that I can be easily satisfied with simpler things.

And I don’t need a one-week-vacation to a sandy beach in a beautiful island or a stay in a 5-star hotel with free breakfast and lunch just to spend time with my family. I've always enjoyed the trips down memory lane to Baling while Mom and Dad showed us the coffee shop where they had their first date over 30 years ago. And I've always enjoyed the long car rides while listening to those Oldies that Dad loves so much.

I realized that hanging out in a mall, shopping for new clothes and shoes and trying out the Coffee Bean's Banana Chocolate ice blended with your girls is really fun. Shrieking and giggling like typical girls while watching Josh Duhamel (Okay I’ve just Googled his name to make sure that I spelled his name right and there goes his photos, ohmygod he’s so hot!!) in the movie theatre is fun sometimes. But I also love the silly trip we had to the deserted Pasir Salak and I still remember how I was scared that the Menara Condong in Teluk Intan would crash to the ground when we climbed the stairs to the top. Singing at the top of our lungs in the car with the girls is enough to make me happy.

I am also content with eating cendol by the roadside rather than having a candlelight dinner with my boyfriend. Accompanying him while he's having his haircut is fun. Especially when he asked for my opinion on which style he should go for. The barber just smiled while waiting for my answer. I was honoured! (Haha okay perasan) But the next time we went to the barber, he had his head almost bald just to annoy me. Zzz. Yeah, I know that sometimes I ask him for a treat of new clothes and Kenny Rogers and Pizza Hut but at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. I asked him for a dress and I get a Man U jersey. Thanks! Having him around is enough. Plus the cendol, of course.

And now, after a stressful week of being sick and vomiting and spreading the virus to everyone and Analogue Electronics test, Signals and Systems test, Computational Methods test, Health and Safety test, Analogue Electronics lab with Dr Awan, and the unfinished Microprocessor project, I finally have time to do my laundry and have that 20 minutes bath. After shampooing and conditioning and putting on hair mask and hair serum, I feel like Beyonce.

Oh shut up, a girl can dream, aite?

Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr