Friday, September 13, 2013

Infinite Holidays

After my SPM, people told me that that is the longest holiday that I'll ever have. So I considered whether I should work part-time or start looking for the best university in the country (since Abah forbids anyone of us from studying abroad). I went for an interview for Shell (the petrol station, not the scholarship) but got rejected (darn). So I decided to laze around the house for the next few months that was supposed to be my longest holiday. I had lots of plans during that specific period of time. I wanted to take a writing course, Abah wanted to send me for piano lessons (little did he know that these fingers are so not soft enough for pianos), me and my sister bought a guitar and I vowed to be able to play by the time I got into uni. that I've listed that down, I noticed that nothing was achieved. Loser. So I spent the holidays reading books, and developing my very first blog (that I've deleted), and started chatting around and downloading songs. Wow. Now that I've listed them down, I can see how I've wasted my holidays back then.

And then I went into uni. We've got the occasional 2-months-break at first. Nothing fun was done. I just stayed at home, got online each and every night, read some books and stuff, went out every weekend, and practically lazed around. Then my little niece came into the world and I spent the holidays being her nanny. I loved those kind of holidays. Then we've got that 4-months-holiday. I decided to work. I became a sales girl for a shop selling computers and laptops. I guess I did have my fun. I worked but I got to re-read almost five of the Harry Potter books. And there was my internship, I considered this as a holiday since I was at home and I got to read books! I think I read almost six or seven books during that period of time. I was so happy. 

So now that I've finished my degree, I've got an infinite holiday. Who says your longest holiday was after SPM? This is my longest holiday, because it is infinite. Because I won't know when will it end. So I've arranged for a few activities to be completed. I hope I can complete them all.

1. Re-read the Quran
2. Finish the books that I have waited so long to read
3. Finish up Desperate Housewives, Supernatural, Family Guy, and all those series (okay this will be more than infinite)
4. Learn how to cook
5. Mak wants me to learn how to sew, so..
6. It seems that I'll be home for a long time, so I wanna decorate this room

That's more or less of what I wanna do. Hopefully everything comes true. Aminn. 
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr