Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love is all around. Big deal.

I was browsing through my Facebook Newsfeed just now when I noticed one similar thing; many of my friends are posting photos of their boyfriends/girlfriends in their profiles. Okay, so Valentine's Day was two days ago. Big deal. (Sounds jealous, I know. But I'm not, really!! Okay now I just sound defensive.)

Then I saw my childhood friend and her boyfriend, which is also my friend from primary school and I was shocked that they are currently dating. I don't know why I am so excited about this little news. Maybe because I still remember vividly how they used to fight when we were much younger and how that boy used to tease the girl and her ponytail and all, and now they are stuck with each other, like, so sweet! Okay, so the news is not that life changing, but I'm so happy to see them. Maybe it is the fact that the last time I saw them, we were still carefree little teenagers and now we are already independent adults with lots of responsibilities. That guy already grew a mustache. The girl has already started putting on make up, loosened those ponytails and has become a very fine young lady. Me? I wonder how I've changed through the years. Not much, really.

All I'm saying is, it seems that everyone is deeply in love at the moment, so..keep it up..stay together..don't be naughty..whatever.

"We're all in love tonight..."
- MCR-

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guys and their balls

I used to think that a girl complaining about her partner being too busy with football is really clingy. They turn every single, small, minute, tiny little problem to be a huge problem. Like, why the hell would you be mad at him? It’s not like he’s cheating on you or anything. It’s just him and a few other guys playing with balls. Okay that didn’t sound right. Or maybe he and his friends are watching other guys playing with balls on TV. Okay that sounded even worse. Yeah, yeah, the point is, it's guys and football. They are inseparable (well, for most of them). Should be no harm. Right?

That is until they start playing football in the evenings until dusk, and again at nights. Then if they are lucky, they will watch all the matches ranging from midnights till dawn. When this happens, I would like to yell,

"I'm feeling you, girls!! I'm so sorry for calling you 'clingy'. I totallyyyyyyy get you!"

Sigh. I am so typical.

I heard them say,
"Don't let the public know about your love life. Then you won't have any privacy.".
Wait, what love life?


"Not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful
and useless in times like these
I won't be made useless
I won't be idle with despair
I will gather myself around my faith
My heart is small, I know.
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
I never break it."
In the end only kindness matters.

Inspired by Jewel - Hands.

"Inspired"?? Hah!
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr