Thursday, December 31, 2009

Old resolutions, achieved?

Since it's the last day of 2009, let's refer back to my
2009 new year resolutions.

Ok let's just copy and paste.

New year’s hopes and dreams.

1.To be a better person in every way.
No one can be the best so I guess there are still some space where I can improve. (Denial. Padahal tak jadi better person pun. Huhu)

2.To study harder so that at the end of each sem, i won’t have to say things like “takotnya tunggu result!!” or “susahnya exam!!” or “mati la aku bila kuaq result nnt”.. (haha..this one macam susah ja nak capai..tapi, not impossible, kn?)
I'm still saying those lines so I guess I still haven't achieved that target. Hurm.

3.Really really hope i can continue my studies in utp, amiin..
I did! Yay! Hahahaha

4.Hope i can go back to a happy and supportive family all the time.
I have a supportive family, up until now. Wait until the results come, I'm dead.

5.Hope i can stay close to my friends, hope there will not be any crisis, please oh please.
I think we've bonded even more than ever. Love the girls!

6.Hope to have no enemies in utp, please oh please. Life would be hell if i do.
I don't think I have any. Well, I hope so.

7.Hope to wear baju kurung more often??...gurls?? =)
I did! I did! Tu pun sebab dah makin gemuk and baju semua tak muat so baju paling besaq yang ada pun baju kurung. So terpaksa la pakai baju kurung tiap-tiap hari. Ceh niat tak betul.

8.Hope there will be less drama and fuss in my life next year.. please oh please oh please.
Ermmm...better than last year, so improvement la kan?

9.Hope to forget everything bad that happened last year.
This will take another few years to achieve.

10.Hope to be stronger spiritually and physically..haha
Physically, I don't think so. Spiritually, I don't know. Maybe yes, maybe no. God knows.

11.Hope to be taller,i doubt.
It's impossible.

12.Hope to be a much much much better cook!!
I am! I am! Not the best, but at least better than last year, ey?

13.Hope to fit in an XS-sized Giordano tshirt (just a dare from a guy in class..i doubt i would fulfill it..haha)
Get lost.

Apa yang aku achieve sebenaqnya tahun ni???? Ya Allah!! Teruk btoy!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

At last!

Ok nak jadi typical girl yang brag sana sini sebab memang nak brag pun! Ok, tak la brag, tapi excited gila and nak share happiness, boleh tak? Still dikira riak ka? Ok never mind. So, setelah menyimpan perasaan jealous terhadap kawan-kawan especially budak-budak bilik nombor lima tu yang masing-masing macam perempuan melayu terakhir sebab pandai masak, buat kuih raya, jahit baju dan macam-macam lagi, aku telah bertekad untuk belajar memasak! Menjahit tu lambat sikit la kot. Soo...sepanjang cuti, cuba la masak itu ini sikit. Time baru-baru nak mula hari tu, bila offer nak masak lunch ja, mesti bapak aku cakap,
"Abah beli lauk la hari ni. Siti goreng ikan ja".

Hah. Dah tu bila nak belajar? Dah nak dekat dua puluh tahun tapi masak ikan goreng pun kadang-kadang hancur. Soooo..first day dengan skemanya, bukak buku resipi and ikut bulat-bulat. Mak balik lunch ja, kritik la sana sini. Ok takpa, kritikan membina. Esok cuba lagi. Sampai la makanan tu ala-ala edible. Kira ok la tu. Tapi one problem, aku memang tak suka makan apa yang aku masak. Dari dulu. Rasa macam mana ntah. Macam tak perfect. Tak complete. Tah. Tu lauk punya cerita.

Pastu konon-konon nak try la buat kek pulak. Malas la nak buat muffin kecik-kecik ni. Macam typical girls yang buat semata-mata nak bagi boyfriend makan. Urgh. Get a life. (Ceh. Konon) So try la buat kek. I love pisang and chocolate. So try la buat kek pisang chocolate chip nama dia. Resipi ni untuk muffin tapi malas nak susun cawan kertas kecik-kecik tu so tuang ja semua dalam acuan. Tapi banyak sangat chocolate chip kot so melekat habis semua and boleh dikira sebagai tak jadi. Fine. So beberapa hari kemudian, try buat lagi. Dah la buat time malam-malam. Bila excited kek dah siap, by that time satu rumah dah tidur. Huh. The second one was a plain chocolate cake. Rasa dah sedap. Tapi macam tak naik. Leper ja. Kak chik cakap, quote,
"Tak macam kek. Macam bengkang".

Hampeh. Mak punya la tak puas hati, kenapa kek tu tak jadi sebab selama ni dia buat jadi ja. Maybe I don't have the touch kot. Dia investigate habis and finally find out that aku letak some tepung naik sendiri or something instead of sodium bicarbonate. Kalau takdak benda tu, memang tak kan naik la kek tu. Mana nak tau. Mak cakap,
"Patut la tak naik langsung kek tu. Tu pun dia gagah naik sebab teloq ja".

Oookei. So hari ni, try buat cookies pulak. Surprisingly, jadi!! Macam biskut Famous Amos yang mahal tuuuu.. Resipi mak memang best! Memandangkan tengah semangat, nak try buat kek lagi. So ajak la abah cari acuan kek bentuk love (memang dasar perempuan bimbo yang typical). Abah pun layan ja. Mula-mula cari kat Giant, takdak, So ajak abah cari kat Tesco, takdak jugak. At last ajak abah cari kat kedai kek, baru la jumpak (like, DURHHH!). Yang bestnya, abah layan ja. Terharu pun ada. So siap lah kek coklat saya yang berbentuk LOVE! Malas nak include gambar sebab belum letak moist dia and conteng "Happy Birthday To Me!!". Pathetic gila buat kek hari jadi untuk diri sendiri. (Cukupkah hint di situ?)

Whatever. Sungguh seronok sebab kek finally jadi. The best part is, I realize that I'm not doing this to impress anyone else. I know that most people around me doesn't really eat cakes but I just want to try and prove to myself that I can do it! Kan bagus kalau semangat ni ada time study. Sigh. And I'm not doing this just to impress a guy or make the girls jealous (because I know they don't and they surely won't). I'm just doing it for fun. Wth. Ok ok nak take one last look at the cake then sleep.

Monday, December 7, 2009

my life.not.

Ok so it's my 104th day of being here. Yay! I've had my hair blonde, blue, pink and all sorts of colours, pigtails, buns and etc. I've rented my own apartment and finally got the chance to be independent and be out of my parents' house. Phew! I started from the very beginning. Being a baker doesn't give me much but it is enough to pay the rent and bills. When I first got there, I was invited to a party and was required to bring a partner. Shoot! I didn't have one yet. A friend suggested that I hit the club. So I thought, "What the hell" and just gave it a try. After a few nights spent there, I finally got a boyfriend! His name is *****, an old actor. We had fun for a few weeks but then I can't sem to find the same feelings I used to have for him. So i decided that it was time to end everything. I told him that it was over but he couldn't let me go. I had to try very hard and finally he gave up. What's the point of being with someone who doesn't love you anyway, right? After we broke up, I went on an eating binge. How was I to know that it would be affect me that much. I kept on eating chocolates and ice creams to keep my mind off of things. Little that I know that I was putting on weight, really fast. So when I finally come to my senses, I hit the gym everyday and started eating healthy again. But still, I wasn't that happy. So I went to town and got a haircut! And I woke up one day, I decided to be a hairstylist! So I went for training and finally got a job in the coolest salon in town. After sometime, I got bored and decided that it was time to move on. So there I was, back in the club, trying to hit on guys. After a few days of trying (realy hard), there I was with this cute, hot guy who looks like some rock star who dated Amy Winehouse. A few weeks passed and I decided that beauty isn't everything but looking good never did any harm. So I had a facelift. It cost me a lot, but then it's beauty we're talking about here! The I ha an offer to be a plus-sized model. Is it that obvious? So I had to put on more weight so that I could gain those vivacious curves. It was fun for a while. But then my boyfriend was not happy with my facelift (and those curves, I guess) so we broke up, leaving me with that body. Darn. So I worked really hard to get those great curves that I had before and it paid me well. So now life has never been better. So far I've got 3 boyfriends, I think. No, wait, or is it 4. Oh, I've lost count. *wink* But now I'm with this great Italian guy who gives me lots of money everyday. Now I'm on training to be a secretary and I'm saving my money to get a breast implant. Do you think it will be okay? You think he'll like it? We'll see!

Okay. So that is my bimbo's life. The truth is, I woke up at 9 am yesterday when my sister's 7-month-old baby girl started to cry beside me. So I took her to the living room, turned on the TV, tossed some toys to her and turned on the computer. She started to bug me, so I took off her clothes and got her bathed, got her all dolled up and gave her milk. I was hoping that she would fall asleep but no, her round eyes were staring back at me, wanting me to play with her, I guess. So I put her in her (kerusi roda, what is it called again?) and started to make funny faces and fake baby talks. Oh God. After a few minutes of being a retarded adult, I went to the kitchen to fix some breakfast for myself. Surprisingly, she followed me. Haha. So to be fair, I blend her porridge so that I can feed her while I'm eating my breakfast in front of the TV. That went well. But still, she wouldn't sleep. So I gave her some plain water and she nearly choked to death (exxxaggerrattee. Ok just some coughs, two or three) and continued playing. She started to make sounds again so i gave her bottle of water again and FINALLY she fell asleep. I returned to the kitchen and realized that I was watching a cooking channel all morning. What has gotten into me?! After about an hour of nap, she woke up so I have to play with her again and then put her to sleep again, I mean, get her to sleep. It was 3pm and I was the one who fell asleep first. She just wouldn't take her nap! And I dreamt that I was hit by a few buffaloes and foxes when I was driving. I was hit by them, not I hit them. WHAT THE HELL AM I TALKING ABOUT?!! Ok I'm shutting up.

p/s : malas gila nak baca balik and check for grammatical errors or whatever. tah hapa2 tah aku tulis. adoi.
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr