Saturday, October 13, 2012

One year later

"Yesterday was not really TGIF for me. I spent 12 hours at work feeling totally lethargic. So after the long hours, I went for a burger with some friends, just to let off some steam. It was so refreshing. Just hanging out with current friends and getting to know new ones. Talking and laughing as if we've known each other for ages. That felt right, just about time. I went home feeling sleepy and took no time to doze away. It was 8 am the next day and I was awakened by the smell of mom's nasi minyak and pesamah daging. It was a nice thing to wake up to. But I continued my beauty sleep. I really woke up, three hours later, to texts, Whatsapps and Gtalks from bestfriends back in Kerteh. They were dated last night. I felt like crap, I've missed them so much but I can't seem to make time. Bad friend. So I replied a little 12 hours too late but I guess everyone was still asleep, or are already out and about.  So I got up, went downstairs and realized that I was more or less home alone. Double crap. All the cars are gone, just mine parked outside. So I grabbed an apple and just sit around in front of the TV, switching channels to channels. In my mind, I have a list of things to do during the weekends. Should I just lay there in front of the TV and savour the leisure time? Or should I go to my sister's place and start downloading every movies and series? Or maybe figure out how to connect her PS2 to her TV and sound system and etc? Too much work. So I went upstairs, contacted a few friends to see who's available. The boyfriend went for kursus kahwin (oh my), friends are not in town, and bestroustroustrousfriends are wayyyy out in some other towns. Too bad. So I guess I'll just went out by myself. Got a quicky shower and got dressed in a haste and drove off to Sunway Carnival. Arrived at 1.30 pm and managed to catch a 2.00 pm movie."

This is a draft in my blogpost that was dated exactly one year ago during my internship. Didn't I post this? Oh how I miss my internship period. I miss all the work and the people there. I miss being a crap for not being in touch with my best friends. I miss everything. So the post above ended with me having a day out all by myself which was very fun. I watched a movie and got a massage. I went to all the stores that I wanted to go to and lookedat all the things I wanted to, not considering what others would feel. It's nice to have time for yourself sometimes. We can pamper and spoil ourselves to our hearts' content! I miss that. I should do it more often. Oh well.
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr