Thursday, November 29, 2012


Have you ever been so close to someone that your whole life revolve around that person? You spend most of your time, your life even, with that person. You'll recall your day to him and share every little joke with him. And as time goes by, you move to new environments, with new people around you. You mingle with different people in your life while new ones entered his life. Distance set you apart and time-constraint somehow played its role. It's ridiculous of me to think of the times that we used to spend together. I've got better things now that I've grown up, but he'll always be some of my best experiences and memories. 

I memorize every old songs that we listened to while he would explain every line of the lyrics to me. He would tell me all these different stories in each songs and then we would sing about it.
It's ridiculous of me to feel jealous of the new people in his life. But it's only fair for me since I used to be very close to him. I used to be that new person. And now it's like I'm being replaced. I know, it's silly to feel such way. Very silly, indeed. But I miss him. Now I feel so grown up, so different from the person that I used to be while I was with him. We rarely exchange stories. We've grown apart.

I don't want to spend the remaining time that we have together like this. I want to make sure every moment is filled with happy times instead of shouts or tears. I hope for a better tomorrow. I hope for a happier future together. I hope to set my priorities straight. I hope we'll have more time together in the future, all of us. 
Happy birthday, Abah. I wish you were here, though..

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I'm glad I'm not a loner. I don't know how I'll manage everything on my own. I've read "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" a few years back and I can't help but to agree silently to these study on the battle of sexes. It stated that when problems arise, men tend to keep it to themselves and lock themselves in their own secluded "cave" which is their safe area. They'll ponder and think of their problem until they finally resolve it. That's just how things work between them. Differently for women, we talk about it. We don't usually keep it inside. Instead, we let it out in the open, or to few trusted individuals. That's just how we deal with things. And I couldn't agree more.

I've got an awfully great support system. I've got this group of friends that have been stuck with me for more than four years now, through thick and thin. Despite all the problems, dramas and crisis, we are still standing tall, together. We learn to tolerate, to give and take. We learn about each other's likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes we got bored, but we got over it. It's true what those Spice Girls once sang about, "Friendship never ends". It's a cheezay line. We sing along to it, but we never stop to think or relate it to ourselves.

 I must admit, sometimes I got lost. My priorities are a mess. It should have always been chicks before dicks. We will always be sisters who are not blood related. They will always be the soft pillow that will grab me instead of the floor that will make me shattered to pieces. They will always be the spring that will make me bounce back to my feet, anytime, anywhere. I am always safe with them. I know that they will always be there for me. But that's no reason to disregard them. That's no reason to take them for granted. That's no reason to feel safe. No reason at all...

Saturday, November 17, 2012



People say it often but never really practice it. We can see that other people is not practicing it, we condemn them, talk as if they are the bad seeds of the world, but we ourselves sometimes overlook this matter. 
This world is made up of individuals, not some copy-paste or moulded human beings. They come with various identities, different perceptions and diverse beliefs. Knowing such fact, you should know how to respect people and their opinions. Sometimes people choose to live the way they live, so who are you to judge and criticize them? You don't know what they are going through, you don't know what they are experiencing, so who are you to judge? You yourself choose to be the way you are. You know people are criticizing you, but you say "To hell with them. I am who I am". So, there it is. You are who you are. They are who they are. Who are you to judge? So you want different things in life. Who are you to say that it is wrong and you are the superior and the right one? Respect other people, for god's sake. So you're a little too confident than other people, who are you to make other people feel small? So yeah I sound touchy-touchy. Well maybe because I didn't get the respect that I should. I don't judge other people when they choose to be the way they want to be. I simply concluded that maybe I don't understand what they are going through, so even if I don't accept it, but who am I to criticize them? Maybe because I've always been the youngest in the family, that's why I always accept what people say, even when I don't agree with them. You gotta agree to disagree sometimes. God. Respect! Simple thing! 

Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr