Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In serious need of girlfriends

Weyy korang...aku rindu :(

I miss us, the girls, everyone. 

Aku rinduuuuuu..besnya hampa semua ada familiar faces kat sana. Belle ada sekin dengan farah. Jah ada nana dengan qilah (weird combination). Mimi ada ida dengan gummy (tetiba).
Yang penting, hampa ada familiar faces! Aku jugak kat sini sorang-sorang. Aku rindu semua orang dok berkumpul kat bilik aku, dengan aktiviti utama : makan! Aku rindu kita sembang-sembang sampai tak ingat dunia. Aku rindu kita keluaq ipoh, tengok wayang, pi mandi pantai, pi makan shabu-shabu, dan segala-galanya! Teringat kita pi main badminton tiap-tiap hari jumaat. Time orang sembahyang jumaat, time tu la kita main badminton macam orang gila sebab tak dak lelaki, kan?? Boleh pi sampai 3 jam jugak la kita main. Gila betoi. Lepas tu sabtu, pi swimming pagi-pagi. Lepas bakaq lemak segala, terus straight pi mamak, makan nasik beriyani. Weyy apa nama mamak tu?? Aku lupaaa!! Aku ingat ameeth dengan salam ja wey. Sobs. Apa mamak yang farah suka sangat sebab tu tempat lepak AY tu?? Vanggey! Hahaha..ok aku lupa nama mamak yang sebelah kfc tu, yang bagi pinjam payung tu. Haih.

Bulan posa ni, lagi la rindu. Teringat kita tak jemu-jemu pi bazar. Tapi last year kita jalan pi Pak Ali kan? Bungkus lauk. Lepas tu bukak posa ramai-ramai dalam bilik, bilik pulak ikut turn. Aahhhh rindu! Lepas tu kita pi masjid semayang terawih sama-sama, lepas tu ada orang tu pijak kain telekung aku sampai nak jatuh tersungkoq. Sobs. Rindu jalan-jalan pi kelas. I miss waking up for class.

I need to see you guys! Banyak benda nak burst! Life at work started out well. Everything is great. Friends, workload. Until something (which I can't identify what) happened and I'm left to be the only girl. The girls here walk in packs, led by a queen bee while the others follow her trail behind. How "Mean Girls". If you can't fit in, then you'll only exchange uncomfortable silences and awkward smiles. So now, I'll fake a smile every now and then to ensure that we're still communicating. I miss us. I miss us so very much. Like, rindu gila laaa!!

And I miss cikoq. (Perlu ka letak gambaq cikoq kat sini?). And watiq. Mostly la. And everyone else. Aku malas nak post kat bimbo-cerdas tapi macam problem ja blog tu. Aku bukak kat phone boleh, tapi kat laptop tak boleh. Oh saya rindu kalian. Sorry korang sebab selalu out of reach. 

Tak nak cakap panjang-panjang. It's not like you guys are reading this old stuff anyway. Just need to let this mushy mushy stuff out of my system. Sobs!

Tiba-tiba ada gambaq cikoq yang gagah perkasa. Hehe

Sweet like chocolate

Everything is about food today. I woke up earlier than usual just so I can stop by the nasik lemak stall to buy one. I drove to work while eating nasik lemak on my lap. Now how multitasking is that? I do so because going for breakfast is not fun anymore. Before this, meals at the cafe are the most fun part of the day at work. I get to be with my friends and talk and laugh and listen to them making silly jokes. But now, it's just awkward smiles and uncomfortable silences from different tables. Something happened and I still can't seem to decipher it. So, to avoid anyone from being uncomfortable, I refuse to be seen with them. I'm so sick of people asking what's wrong when even I don't have the answer. So it's better for me to withdraw. So yeah, I'll start this new ritual of driving to work while eating nasik lemak. So far, it's been fun and time-saving. At 11am, my stomach started to growl. I need food. So I escaped to the vending machine, bought an 80cents iced Milo and ate a Gardenia's chocolate-flavoured bread. That ought to replace my lunch. And the result was amazing! I've heard that chocolates can boost your hormones or something and it makes you feel happy. It's true! It's proven! After consuming those chocolate-based food and drink, I was elated. I don't know why. It is certainly not the power of the mind, because it took me quite some time to figure out why I was suddenly so happy. So yeah, belly full, smiling ear to ear, I was happily doing my work. This can be my new ritual as well, since going for lunch is not fun anymore. I might need to copy and paste my statements up there. Then I had mee goreng during tea time, not much of a so-called "tea time". I'm a big fan of mee. Be it mee kari, mee rebus, mee bandung, mee kuah, mee maggi, everything. But I was never a fan of mee goreng. But today's mee goreng was fabulous. I love it. Maybe because I was eating contently and with a very positive mood, I feel everything is positive. Despite the fact that she ignored my "oi" when we met, and the fact that she waited until I left before going at her locker, and not to forget the oh-I-didn't-see-you-there when she is practically inhaling the 0.04% from 4% of carbon dioxide that I've exhaled. We're like, less than 1 metre apart? Honestly, I give up. I  give up in pleasing everyone. It's just utterly impossible. So I'm doomed to have no one to hang out with there, okay fine. Maybe God has other plans for me.Okay I'm not gonna ruin my mood now. The chocolate still has its effect. Till then.
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr