Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Penguin Readers :)

So, about this quote. Really? So I guess I should be saying, "Phew! Two down, five to go!"
Too bad I don't really feel like cheering at the moment.

My sister once told me that if I want to post my sappy little emo thingy and I'm not comfortable with everyone (everyone?) reading, go and make one personal and private blog. Well sistah, I've got one Twitter account for swearing and being angry at everything and everyone (private, of course), and one private blog to write all about my happy moments in my relationship, and another private blog to share all those moments when I'm mad at the person in the relationship (don't know how to refer to this person. Gosh, typical!) and another private blog that I looooove so much because I've written quite long (do you remember "Penguin Readers" books that we read during English periods in school? Well, let's say I've written up till Level Three) and I'm sure close friends will know what it is about. And the sad thing is, I forgot the password (even the username) for that latter blog. Well, congrats to myself. Oh and before having this blog, I deleted my blog which I wrote when I was 18 years old. That's Penguin Readers level 5? Congrats again. Okay, listing all these so-called private blogs here won't make it private anymore, huh? Ooohh and you'll surely puke if you check out my Tumblr. One moment it is full with being-in-love, butterflies-in-the-stomach, precious-moments posts and on the next page, it's depressing, i'm-all-alone, boo-hoo posts. Bluergh. Grow up, woman!

Okay, so.. These ramblings do not have anything to do with that "Epic Facts" up there. I don't know how to comment on this so-called fact. I mean, does this work like, cats have nine lives and they can die eight times in order to live the last one? So that means that I need to get my heart broken six freaking-times before I have my happy-ever-after? What the hell? I have a long way to go, man! I've already chopped off a teddy bear's head during the first one and there's another head waiting to be chopped off now. Are you saying that there are more teddy bears on the shelves out there waiting for me? Oh my god. Somebody save me.

I received a complain saying that I should include more graphical materials in this blog, rather than just words. And here I am thinking that nobody reads these stuff. So does this count? If it doesn't, well then boo-hoo.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emo bear

Allah sends us the most unexpected people to tell us that everything is going to be okay. Beautiful words.

"Take some time
go and have a cry
we are adults now
adults need time to comfort themselves
instead of teenagers that are always trying to mend their hearts
adults let the cut heal with time
letting it to be scars
that will make the heart stronger
bearing the mark of a fallen love
but with good memories."

"Walau sepi macam mana kita
Tuhan tetap ada
kita ja dok lupa dia
tu pon dia still dok ingat kita"

Sunday, June 12, 2011


When Adele sang "We could have had it all", I sang along to it, snapping my fingers, tapping my foot. After a while, I realized that there is no such thing as having it all. We can never have everything we want. God gives you some and takes some from you. You gotta lose some to win some. Sometimes you'll be on top and sometimes you'll be down there under the wheels. Sometimes you'll feel like you're on top of the mountain and sometimes you'll feel like the mountain has crumbled on you. We can never have it all. God may give you everything, but gradually. You'll never have everything all at one time. So be thankful. Be really thankful. Stop complaining and start appreciating. If you throw your problems in a pile together with everyone else's, you would want to grab yours back. Your problem is miniature compared to other people in the world. So don't be selfish. Appreciate.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Two years back,
there were walls around us,
no one can break through to us,
no one can reach us,
we were invincible.

Two years after,
the same walls moved in between us,
we can't break through to each other,
we can't reach each other,
we are vulnerable.

These words popped in my head and never left.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The so-called Nora Elena craze

I've been watching this Nora Elena series for a while and I'm a bit blurred. And I really don't understand this Seth Tan guy.

First, he raped the gal when they were teenagers because he liked her so much. Like, what the hell? What makes him think that just because he likes someone so much,he has the rights to rape anyone? Isn't that common sense? If I had that green light, I would have already raped that boy in kindergarten. Ehem.

Secondly, 10 years later, this Seth Tan guy finally meets the gal that he raped once upon a time ago and she is already engaged to this awesome guy, Eid and are happily waiting for their wedding. Then this Seth Tan guy slowly makes a move on Nora although he already knows that she's engaged to his own staff, his own protege. Seth asks her out for lunch, dinner, with the excuse of,
"Don't worry. I'm Eid's boss. Eid will understand".
What the hell? What makes him think that just because he is someone's boss, he has the privilege to go out with other people's fiancée? So in the end, Eid breaks the engagement due to a few misunderstandings. Nora tu pun satu. Susah sangat la nak explain kat Eid tu yang boss dia dok menggatal flirt sana sini dengan dia, ajak makan dinner lunch segala. Kalau busy sangat si Eid tu asyik kena outstation sampai tak sempat nak bagitahu, send ja la sms. Ala masalah sangat.

Thirdly, after the engagement is cancelled, this Seth Tan guy becomes this bidan terjun hero segala to save Nora's family from shame. So he offered himself to marry Nora, offer la sangat padahal dalam hati seronok. Yeah yeah, so he feels guilty that he raped Nora and now he wants to menebus kesilapan la. Menebus kesilapan dengan menghancurkan hubungan orang lain? Haih aku emo betul lah dengan anasir-anasir yang mengganggu hubungan orang lain ni. What makes him think that just because he's got that handsome face and perfect body, he can propose to someone and expect her to marry him in a few days time?

So is this the guy that every girl is talking about?

"Ooohhh..romantiknya Seth Tan!"
"Gentleman gilerr Seth Tan tuu"
"Seronoknya dapat lelaki macam Seth Tan!"

Banyak lagi aku emo tengok cerita ni. Tapi tak nak la tulis panjang-panjang kan. Cukup la kena cop emo dengan budak kelas.

Serious case of salah guna kuasa Seth ni.


I've been crazy over fresh flowers since last semester. We even went to the nursery to look for any roses or orchids or stuff but all they had was bougainvilleas. In the end, I bought a glass vase, put in some rocks in it and stuffed a few plastic flowers. But I've just realized a few months ago that I love fresh flowers! Fresh flowers. And here it is, Nora Elena who loves fresh flowers and buy fresh ones to put on her table everytime they wilt away. If I make a statement that I love fresh flowers now, people would think that I suddenly crave for flowers because of that new hit series. Bluergh. I do love flowers! I've just realized it. Check my Tumblr, posts dated months ago. Z.
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr