Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What love?

A guy and a girl fell in love with each other. Well, at least the girl thought she did. As usual, they shared everything, opened up every little secrets, showed each other their own little worlds. They left their hearts unguarded; exposed to any warm fuzzy feelings, living in the moment, enjoying the warmth, forgetting about the pounding aches.

To be less typical, they didn't promise much because they said promises are meant to be broken anyway. Little did they know, that hearts are meant to be broken too. After all the kiss-and-tell, the girl was too lost in the moment, she asked the guy about feelings. And he told her that he was confused. He didn't know what that was; the feeling. When the girl asked if it's love, he hesitated, denying, I suppose.

Sounds cliche? Sounds a lot like a Malay drama where the girl gave everything to the guy and finally the guy ditched her after getting what he wants, and now the girl is left empty and broken. Babes, we've watched these kind of things since we were young! We can guess almost everytime, how the story goes even from the very beginning. So why do we have to witness this all around us in real life? Gosh this is so annoying.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kawan-kawan? Hehe

Kawan sekolah rendah ajak reunion kat Kulim.
Kawan sekolah menengah ajak meronggeng kat KL.
Kawan universiti ajak enjoy kat Genting.

Ahhh..which seat should I take?? (gaya Rebecca Black)
Too bad, I'm guessing none :(
Nak ikuttttt :'(
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr