Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Please stop thinking that people are pushing you away.
you are the one who made those four walls around you.
never ever thought you would start talking about it.
now i'm one of your subjects.
how surprising.

i am grateful of the things that i have around me.
and i am grateful for things that you've done for me.
she told me to never bite the hands that fed me.
i won't.
i made a mistake once and i expect to redo everything again, because i still have the chance.
so why do you have to push me away?
what did i do wrong?
he helped me through it.
they helped me through it.
they couldn't accept it at first, but they did.
so why can't you?

Some say that i'm too nice.
i followed everything people say, agreed and just shut up to anything.
but sometimes, i have things on my mind too.
i'm not planning on being a rebel or anything.
i just want things to be clear.
and this is surely not a part of growing up.
this is a part of me wanting to know..

what went wrong between us?

i want it to stick together.
all of us.

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