Thursday, July 23, 2009

typical me

let me tell you something about myself.

i never say that i'm different from other people.
i'm just a typical 19 years old person.
i won't be those who said "i'm different. i'm not typical like those people".
and i'm not the one who will say "i am who i am. no one is like me"
i'm just another God's creation who is just like the others.
so don't expect me to do extraordinary things.

like the others,
sometimes there would surely be ups and downs in life, right?
i'm a human, i make mistakes.
i know i can't make that as an excuse.
but that's the reason. not an excuse.

i'm not like those who are into indie stuff.
i don't want to listen to them just to fit in.
i don't listen to them because i don't know most of them.
i've never been to gigs and stuff.
i only listen to fly fm and hitz fm in my car.
but sometimes i'm just a typical person who enjoys listening to hot fm and era.
don't judge me by which radio i listen to.

i don't have an SLR.
i don't know how to use it.
i can't afford it.
i only take pictures using my phone.
i don't even have a digital camera either.
so does that mean that i'm not in?

i love being with my friends, no doubt.
i love laughing with them, walking to class with them, having lunch together, in the car together, hanging out together.
but sometimes we're just too loud and it's not because we want to attract guys like some people might think.
don't judge me by who my friends are.
in fact, don't judge us ALL if you don't know us.

i love being with him.
i won't say that we'll last forever and all those stuff. God knows how long we'll last but as long as we're together, why not make the best of it, right? i love it when we go out together, watch movies sometimes, shopping, dinner together and sometimes just enjoying the silence. you know, all those typical things people do. i love spending time together.

you see, it's not wrong to be typical, ordinary.
if it's you, then it's you.
as long as you know what you're doing, then do it.
but just don't forget your priorities.
if you hear voices around you, listen to them.
if it is ridiculous, to hell with them.
if you can accept it, accept it.
don't just throw it all away.
open up your mind.

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