Thursday, January 2, 2014


I've never really ever written anything about you here, so here it goes. Happy anniversary! I'm not really sure when it started but you called me for the first time on my birthday two years ago the same way you did last night and I can say that the sparks were there. It's just that I wasn't sure at that time so I hesitated. Plus, I just got out of a relationship and I don't want to seem promiscuous by jumping from one guy to another. And at that time, I was sure I could relate to Britney's "Oops I did it again, I played with your heart. Got lost in the game. Oh baby baby. Oops you think I'm in love. That I'm sent from abooooove. I'm not that innocent". But now, every love song is about you. Yes, feel free to puke, even I want to puke right now. Hahah. Thank you for everything. I appreciate this two years that we've shared and I'm looking forward for another half a century of my life, hopefully with you, if God wills. Yesterday was so much fun. I didn't feel the clock stop, it just went on, not giving us enough time to spend with each other. Oh well. There was too much to celebrate yesterday; my first pay, your bonus, my birthday and our anniversary. Thanks for the gifts. I just wanted to test you, whether you wouldn't mind spending for someone who doesn't have any blood relation with you or not. And yes, that's just an excuse, actually I really want that thing hahaha. Thank you dear. I hope we both have a smooth path, which ever one we choose. Hah there! I've lost my muse six years ago and I've found it now. Thank you dear.

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Mireya said...


(Sambil tunggu postman depan rumah pos kad kahwin)


Rosma said...


hahah geds. Not now laaa. Kan kita nak kumpoi duit nak p UK la bandar chenta la. Hahah

Me said...

kek berapa tingkat mau? saya sponsor! hahhahaha

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