Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Perks of Working Together

People think I'm crazy for taking up this opportunity, to jump from one company to another in less than a year. I wasn't really sure myself but hey, things always happen for a reason, don't they?
I leaped from something comfortable into a world of chaos. I switched my mindset from taking things slow to meeting rigid deadlines. I've got to change totally, not knowing how to apply my 8-months-experience in this new place. It all seemed so new and yet so beneficial.
If I had stayed and rejected this offer, I don't know what I can offer to the world in, say, 2 or 3 years time. I won't be able to survive in this industry if I started with a comfortable position.
I went into the new company with a very positive mindset. I've got to stay optimistic, if not for other people, I did it for myself. I need all the motivation and positive circles around me. And up till this day, I honestly haven't regretted making that bold decision back then. Life is tough now, so much to learn, so many things to absorb, so little time. But it's a place where you can learn a lot, It is definitely a field of knowledge. It's where you really do something and people recognize it and appreciate it. It's the "Thanks!" and "Good job!" that count. (Notice the positiveness?)

So, speaking of perks, I'm working in the same company as he is currently serving his soul to. Being a self-proclaimed optimist, I am actually enjoying myself over here.
The best part is:-
* Evidently, I get to see him more often! Yeay!
* I like the quick glances and smiles that we exchange everyday despite constantly being on our feet.
* I like having a comfortable lunch partner without the need to pretend to be interested in some boring conversation about kids and vomits and husbands.
* We can vent and rant about colleagues and workloads and totally relate to them.
* We can share about our crushes at work; that tall guy that I like and that cute girl that he's checking out. And yeah, compare who's is hotter.
* I love it when sometimes he notices something about me that I wasn't aware of like, "Kenapa macam sedih ja?" or "Kat mana? Tak nampak pun?". Aaaaaahhh I know, stupid simple things and boom! Butterfliesssss!
* I love it when he knows something is wrong and when I'm miserable at work and when he is willing to let me cry my heart out over dinner while listening to me lament about this person and that person and this stupid task and that overdue project and all. 

Okay honestly, I really don't know the point of this post but it has been a while, so..
All I'm saying is, this post is so full of positivity that I wanna puke. 
But all in all, work is tough now and it gets frustrating at times, but he makes it easier and bearable each day. Thanks, luv.

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